Join us for Blocko 2018

Pan Nation Front Line (2017 Blocko)

It’s back and better than ever!

CSO (2017 Blocko)

We are able to announce that our Blockorama is back by popular demand. Taking place on June 30th. Our annual celebration will take place in Lordship Recreation Ground, Tottenham, N17 6BD. The day will consist of steel bands displaying their talent and performing with vibe. To really make this the perfect family day out, we will also have food and drink for sale (you’re welcome), craft stalls and a DJ for when the live music acts take a break.

London All Stars (2017 Blocko)

If good food and even better music is your thing then this is the event for you. You want more? Well, not only do you get the steel bands, a DJ and stalls to look around, but entry is FREE! That’s right, you read correctly, free entry for what will most definitely be the best day of your summer. What could be better? A few things like winning the lottery spring to mind, but this is a damn good (and more realistic) place to start. We know this will be Nation’s start to an amazing summer. Join us and let it be yours too.

Ebony (2017 Blocko)

Nation x